Keeping track!

If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest, you’ve probably seen these things pop up more than once. And if you’re a pinaholic like me, you probably pinned a few of them to some fathomless DIY board with every intention of getting around to it someday if you’re ever feeling bored/especially productive. (Bonus points if you’ve pinned it multiple times because you can’t remember if you actually pinned it the first time…) It’s okay, no judgement here. 😉 

Losing weight can be overwhelming… especially when you’ve tried and failed so many times in the past. I know my demons: boredom, frustration, sweet tooth, “frig it, why bother,” etc… I thought a visual reminder of how far I’ve come this time would help keep me motivated… A store trip, some glue, and a little inspiration later: 



It sounds cheesy, but I gotta admit… there’s a nice sense of accomplishment when I move one of those little glass beads over from the “to lose” jar to the one labeled “lost!” 🙂 As of this morning, there are 14 happy little beads celebrating my progress. Hopefully I’ll be moving more over soon! 

I used some empty frappuccino jars I had squirreled away for a rainy pinterest day. (Hey: recycling is good, upcycling is better!) The glass beads were scored at the friendly neighborhood dollar store. I got waaaay more than I needed, but no harm done. I simply filled a flower vase with the rest and they are now decorating my dining table. Maybe I’ll feel the beads watching me during meal times and I’ll be more inclined to behave? 😉 It’s worth a shot! 


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