Our Story

(So far…)

I wish could tell you that Jonathan and I were highschool sweethearts, but I would be lying. Quite the opposite, actually. We were rivals, always competing, always arguing, always trying to have the last word.

We would bicker to the point that our classmates would tease us with the usual,

“you two fight like an old married couple…”

Several times, he actually sent me home from school so angry I would cry and rant to my mom about him. She would simply shake her head, and with a chuckle say,

“Oh, honey. He’s just doing that because he likes you. Watch, you’ll probably end up marrying him someday…”

And you know what?


I did.

Our wedding was on June 26, 2010, after a four-year relationship that included college, multiple part-time jobs, our first apartment, the addition of a pet (our rabbit, Bunny!), and many ups-and-downs that made us realize we were stronger together than we could ever be apart.

On Christmas Day 2011, our puppy, Kairi, joined our little family.
kaifloatShe is absolutely crazy and adorable, and her favorite thing to do in the ENTIRE WORLD is play in a swimming pool.


We would be lost without her. 🙂

We added a bit of adventure to our marriage when my husband decided to serve our country in the United States Army. To say I was shocked would be an understatement, but am so proud of him. I think he missed me a little while he was away for training.  😉 casto2yearseditWe moved to Georgia in November 2012, and after all this time we are still trying to get the hang of what life is like in the army. We are, however, sure of one thing… Our desire to have a child of our own.


In between daydreaming about what our future could hold and keeping up with the “babies” we already have (Bunny and Kairi, of course!), we fill our time with traveling. And goofing around. And taking silly pictures. Like this one: 037

And this one:

Yeah… we’re kinda silly. We are going to embarrass the hell out of our kids…

someday. 😉


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