With a sense of humor like this…


“Mommy, can we please stop for banana milkshakes on the way home?!”

…who needs therapy? 

Husband: *watches suspiciously as I place Monkey in the cart* What in the world are you doing…

Me: *pats Monkey on the head* Coping with my new reality. I know this probably isn’t exactly socially acceptable, but is it wrong that it actually makes me feel better somehow…? 

Husband: *blinks slowly and walks away to look at something else, leaving me to enjoy the beginnings of my apparent mental decay.*


A few reasons to smile today…

1.) I woke up to some much-needed puppy snuggles, and if you don’t know what puppy snuggles are then you are clearly missing out on one of the best things in the world.

2.) This was quite possibly the shortest period I’ve had in years (19 days, oh yeah!) but as of this morning, no more bleeding! Hooray! And that is PERFECT timing because

3.) Hubby comes home from his week-long training exercise soon! Excited? Indeed.  ;P

4.) It actually almost kinda felt like fall outside today, and that’s great because I FREAKIN’ LOVE FALL. 

5.) I had a nice long evening walk and listened to some amazing music to celebrate my good mood, which only made me feel even better.

Happy thoughts and hugs to everyone! ❤

A few reasons to smile today...